Winter Blues? GET UP AND MOVE!

Winter Blues? Get Up and Move

Be Your Child’s Best Valentine

Be Your Child's Best Valentine

Fixing a Flat (baby head): What is Plagiocephaly and what can I do to correct it?

Provides an explanation of plagiocephaly with ideas to correct a baby's flat head.

My Child Cries At Drop-Off and I Want to Too!

My child cries at drop-off- What can a parent do?

Introducing Food to Babies

Introducing Food to Babies

Pacifier Weaning

Every parent who has a child who loves their pacifier dreads the day when it's time to start pacifier weaning.  8 ideas to help you navigate this transition.

Why my Picky Eater Won’t Eat Your Cranberry Sauce

PIcky eating and sitting still at the table is never harder than during the holidays.

Do Babies Really Need to Crawl?

Do Babies Really Need to Crawl? Your baby will use this important skill later for play activities like catching and throwing, learning tasks in the classroom, and even driving!

Sit Smart, Not Still – Best Seating for Classrooms

Like adults, kids need to be comfortable and “situated” in order to attend, especially in circle time at school. Sometimes, finding comfortable and focus-inducing seating requires creativity and flexibility!

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    review rating 5  My daughter has been going to BDI for years. The therapists and staff there are wonderful! My daughter has made incredible progress over the years, undoubtedly due to the hard work and dedication of her talented therapists. We couldn't be happier with our experience at BDI!

    thumb Brent Hotsinpiller

    review rating 5  We love BDI, and we love our daughter’s wonderful speech therapist Jess K. She is so knowledgeable and is also a great listener and is very intuitive. Jess is one of our daughter’s favorite people and she runs to therapy each session smiling and singing her name. We have been seeing Jess for over 1.5 years. Jess comes up with creative ways to elicit the speech sounds we need to work on, she provides easy homework and at home ideas to practice at home and really cares about knowing our whole family, not just our daughter. We have built a great working relationship and I am so grateful to have her working with us! The gym and facility at BDI is wonderful. I love that our daughter can play and wiggle and be active while she does her speech - it is motivating and fun. It also gives her the chance to be social and work on speaking to other kids. All the staff, particularly Sherry, Ruby and Sue are helpful and compassionate which is important when dealing with tricky matters in insurance and billing. Thanks to everyone at BDI for being caring and bringing your best effort each time to come.

    thumb Gracia Livie

    review rating 5  Very welcoming environment. I had the free speech evaluation done for my 21 month old daughter. She loved playing and interacting with the therapist, didn't want to leave. Ms. Meghan is very knowledgeable and helped me understand my daughter's tri-lingual development

    thumb Iris Calderon