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We hope you find this information helpful. Call us anytime for a free consultation or screening, or just to ask a few questions about the information you find here! Our office locations are located in Orland Park and Aurora - Naperville, IL.

Growth Milestones

Learn how to identify the important milestones your child should reach as they grow!

Trusted Professionals

Therapists at BDI Playhouse value collaboration with all individuals who are part of the child’s support team.

The professionals listed have been utilized by many of our patients and have reported positive experiences. BDI is not in legal partnership with any of these organizations, but would like to make you aware of their services. 

Grant Information

There are many great organizations who have generously provided financial support to our families in need.

BDI is not formally affiliated with these groups, but we are happy to share this information for consideration or potential application. 

Bike Riding

This could be the year! Is your child ready to ride?

Riding a bike is an important milestone for any child! It fosters a sense of pride, self assurance, and independence like no other skill and provides a thrill that every child should be able to experience.

Toe Walking

Toe Walking occurs when kids walk on their tiptoes. It can be normal for a new walker to begin toe walking. However, as the child’s walking matures, they should not be toe walking.

If toe walking occurs past the age of two, please consult with one of our Occupational or Physical Therapists.

Read on to find out why toe walking is a big deal!

Foot Pronation

What is Pronation? Think of your foot as being the foundation of your house. Flaws in the foundation can cause damage to the rest of the structure. Pronation is when the middle of the foot collapses inward. This is sometimes referred to as “low arches” or "flat feet".

Read on to learn more about improper foot alignment and what can be done about it!

School and Private Intervention

Two very different approaches working together for the best possible outcome! Read this to learn more about the differences between the two!

Tummy Time

Have you thought about how you're positioning your baby when they sit, lay down & play? Learn how to posture your baby to optimally support their development!

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See what others have to say...

    review rating 5  I think BDI Playhouse is amazing! I've been going there since I was in 3rd grade and now I'm in 9th grade. Mrs. Jessica and Mrs. Maggie are the best people to work with and they are so nice and awesome! It's fun to hang around with them! If any of your children need help or support, BDI is the best place to go to. The front office staff are nice. Ms. Sue and Ms.Myrna always have a smile when you come in. - Sofia M. (15)

    thumb Sinikka Mondini

    review rating 5  We have a child who has received services at BDI Playhouse (speech, OT and PT) for about a year and a half now. I would highly recommend BDI playhouse to other families. First of all, we have absolutely LOVED each of the therapists we have worked with. They clearly care about our child’s progress and are always willing to answer my questions and provide ideas or suggestions as needed. I also appreciate that they will communicate amongst themselves to discuss my son’s goals and to make sure we’re looking at the big picture. He has made tremendous progress during his time at BDI. They are also excellent at helping me navigate other options to explore. One of BDI’s biggest strengths is that their office staff is as wonderful as their therapists. We recently went through a frustrating insurance issue where we needed to obtain approval for additional PT sessions. Insurance was (surprise surprise) slow to address the matter but the wonderful team at BDI did a ton of work on their end to get the approval for additional sessions. They even held my son’s spot for weeks and weeks to ensure that he could be seen again as soon as the matter was resolved. I really appreciate how they helped me navigate this problem. I also want to touch on the fact that BDI offers some unique services. They do bike riding lessons, offer some aquatic therapy, feeding therapy, and they have several classes you can sign your child up for to help further their progress. They also offer a monthly gait clinic and will help you obtain orthotics as needed. Finally, their new facility is awesome, super clean and has a nice large waiting room. We have several options for therapy that our closer to us, but we are happy to be working with BDI!

    thumb Samia Bono

    review rating 5  Highly recommend the infant classes at BDI! The therapists are so knowledgeable and welcoming and as a new mom, I really appreciated having professionals guide me through exercises and problem solving. The cost is definitely manageable and it is a great way to meet other parents.

    thumb Nicole T Engler