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Your child can receive therapeutic services without ever having to leave the house! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! Advancements in technology now allow treatment providers to visit you electronically so that you may receive important, quality therapeutic intervention with ease and convenience.

What is Telehealth Online Therapy:
Telehealth is therapeutic evaluation and intervention provided through telecommunication and information technologies. In other words, it’s your therapist, accessible on your computer, phone, or tablet, from wherever you are! 
What will you love about Telehealth?
  • Parent Education – Use of telehealth allows for parents to be more candid with their descriptions of challenges throughout their day. Telehealth provides your therapist a real-life image of what a day can look like for your child. We also have increased time and opportunity to see and hear your specific questions and needs. Then we’ll help you apply strategies via live video to the location where you are noticing a challenge!
  • Equipment – Telehealth allows the therapist to see the environment in which your child spends most of their time. A peek at the surroundings through intervention via telehealth gives the therapist (and you as the parent!) more feasible and realistic strategies for therapy carry-over at home. You don’t need fancy swings and expensive games to progress development. We’ll help you find items already in your home that work just as well!
  • Home Modifications – When a therapist is able to see your child interacting with their favorite toys, playing in their favorite rooms, or going through their routine at home, we get a better understanding of what adjustments to the environment can be made to improve performance within each area.For example, your therapist might suggest moving a distracting item to the other side of the room, adding a step below your child’s feet at the table, or modifying the amount of light/sound in a room during specific tasks to increase success and independence within the home!
  • Home Exercise Programming – As a therapist, it is our job to give you ideas of how to “practice” skills at home, but we can much more accurately do this part of our job when we see the child’s home and abilities within the home. Giving your therapist a snapshot of your day via technology allows us to assign you more feasible activities to do within your existing home program.
  • Get up and Move – Kids are not always great at occupying their own time. Therapy provided via telehealth can provide an opportunity for your child to get up and move within the home, as directed by their therapist. On slow or inactive days, a visit from your therapist via your screen may be the perfect way to stay active, occupied, and healthy!
  • Routine Management – Technology advancements now allow for your therapist to walk through a routine you and your child go through each day (getting dressed, packing up and going to school, teeth brushing, mealtime, etc.). With your therapist inside your screen, we can provide information/tips for how to more easily manage the routines that are causing you trouble, without getting in your way!
  • From the Comforts of Home – With telehealth intervention, your therapist can provide intervention without the stress of having to pack up the kids, drive to the clinic, unload the family, send off your kiddo and figure out how to entertain your other children for the hour. What a relief! You can get your child much-needed intervention without leaving your couch! How convenient is that?!
For more information on how telehealth can become a reality for your family, please email info@bdiplayhouse.com or schedule a phone call using the link below.

    Meet one-on-one with a therapist live on Zoom to ask ANYTHING about your child’s development!
    Schedule a live video screening to guide your child through simple therapist-directed tasks for an even better look at development.

    Both options provide opportunity for your questions and plenty of ideas and answers!