Myo Munchee at BDI Playhouse

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What is the Myo Munchee?

A small, affordable, and simple to use oral device that your child chews. 

Check out this link to see the Munchee in action!

Why does my child need a Myo Munchee?

Using a myo munchee along with oral motor and orofacial myofunctional therapy provides numerous benefits in the following areas:

  • Tongue and pacifier sucking
  • Tongue thrust
  • Mouth breathing
  • Drooling
  • Clenching/grinding teeth
  • Malocclusions (crooked teeth, underbite/overbite) 
  • Improving dental hygiene 
  • Chewing skills 
  • Mouth posture

How does the Myo Munchee work?

  • Works like a brush: Tiny prongs on the munchee help to clean teeth and gums, oxygenate gums, and produces saliva which help to strengthen teeth. 
  • Strengthens facial muscles: Improves swallowing patterns, and strengthens muscles of the  lips, tongue, jaw, and cheeks. 
  • Ideal Posture: Sets the mouth in ideal rest posture (ie: lips closed, teeth slightly apart, tongue to the roof of the mouth)
  • Habit elimination: Provides an appropriate oral motor movement when working on saying good bye to the thumb or pacifier!

Who can use a Myo Munchee?

  • Babies as young as 4-5 months old through adults can use a Myo Munchee.
  • The Myo Munchee comes in different sizes to best fit the user. 

How can I purchase a Myo Munchee for my child? 

  • BDI Playhouse is a Certified Myo Munchee practitioner and has Munchees available for purchase today!
  • Please contact us to set up a consultation to answer questions and determine what would be the best fit for your child.