Feeding Therapy

Questions about Picky Eating or Feeding Concerns?

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Picky Eaters and Problem Feeders

Your child might be a picky eater or problem feeder if your child:

  • eats less than thirty foods
  • refuses foods of certain textures, temperatures, or colors
  • declines an entire category of food (i.e. veggies)
  • eats the same food over and over
  • becomes distraught when new foods are on the plate
  • has difficulty nursing or bottle feeding or have a history of early feeding difficulties
  • struggles to maintain a healthy weight
  • fills up on junk food
  • gags, coughs, or vomits during meals



Who provides treatment for my child?

Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists at BDI Playhouse are licensed and trained to:

  • turn mealtime into positive experiences
  • increase oral motor strength and coordination
  • teach your child to tolerate, interact with, or eat foods of varying textures and consistencies
  • address cup, straw, and bottle drinking
  • utilize specialized techniques such as Beckman Oral Motor Approach, OMT, Food Chaining & Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach
  • target effective use of utensils
  • coach and provide resources to families so they can help your child overcome these mealtime obstacles

Why should my child get feeding therapy?

Research has shown that difficulties with eating and poor nutrition can cause:

  • stunted growth correlated with poor academic performance and lowered mental capacity
  • emotional and psychological development issues
  • a decrease in a child’s activity level, social interactions, and curiosity

Getting Started With our Feeding Clinic

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