Scoliosis Intervention

Scoliosis in childhood

Understanding Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a curve that forms in the spine that moves from side to side instead of maintaining a healthy straight path. The curve is 3D and includes rotation that can cause uncomfortable symptoms and poor posture.

You may notice:

  • Abnormal back shape
  • Difficulty bending/extending
  • Back pain
  • Asymmetrical posture and body strength
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Reduced capacity in breathing
  • Limited or decreased mobility of the rib cage
  • Decreased performance in sports
  • More serious effects if left unaddressed

The curve is most likely to change during growth.  Monitoring overall height and comparing trunk height helps indicate whether a curve is changing for better or worse.

What is a Schroth Certified Therapist?

A Schroth Certified therapist has extensive specialized training and has completed a certification process to ensure competency in the specifics of a research proven method that is used to effectively treat Scoliosis. 

Verify Schroth Certification for Illinois Schroth Certified Therapists 


Schroth Intervention improves posture through:

  • Postural awareness
  • Strengthening/flexibility
  • Improving motor control
  • Working with a brace for the best results (if necessary)

Scoliosis Specific Exercises are used to:

  • Stop the progression of the curve
  • Improve physical appearance
  • Contribute to general good health
  • Diminish functional limitations


What to Expect

You will have a one on one session with a therapist that will educate you on the changes that take place in your muscles and bones when you have scoliosis. You will learn about the uneven forces on your body and how that can impact your posture and movement patterns. You will become self-sufficient with scoliosis specific exercises which can play an important role in curve progression or regression.

  • Prior to treatment your x- rays will be reviewed and your curve classified for better understanding and progress tracking.
  • You will receive a full-body evaluation. This will consist of
    • digital photographs of your posture
    • assessment of your range of motion, strength, and functional mobility
    • Measurement of your trunk shape and lung function utilizing specialized tools.
  • The Schroth therapist will work with each patient and family to discuss the best options for exercise progression and home programming that fits into your child’s needs and schedule to insure you are successful with curve correction and management.
  • Treatment will include 1 on 1 sessions with a Schroth certified therapist to teach you scoliosis specific exercises. The therapist will also incorporate functional mobility and sport-specific training.         
  • After completion of the program and demonstration of consistent independence with the exercises, the therapist will continue to follow-up with you as you grow to ensure you are managing your curve appropriately and to address any concerns you have as life changes occur.