There is no greater compliment to us than a word of mouth recommendation! Here’s what our parents are telling other parents about BDI…

  • Best of the best!!!
  • They clearly care about our child’s progress and are always willing to answer my questions and provide ideas or suggestions as needed.”
  • They are also excellent at helping me navigate other options to explore.
  • One of BDI’s biggest strengths is that their office staff is as wonderful as their therapists.
  • Their new facility is awesome and super clean. We have several options for therapy that our closer to us, but we are happy to be working with BDI!
  • The staff is highly knowledgeable and educated me on many things that I could do at home with her.
  • Welcoming, loving, people. They made therapy fun. My son looked forward to “playing” at BDI.
  • We are blown away by the personal connection and relationship each therapist has developed with my son.
  • From the therapists and facility to the office staff, this place is top notch! They really listen to you and care about your children.
  • The facility is awesome — with great equipment and it’s always clean & well maintained.
  • This team has been so instrumental in tackling the sometimes overwhelming landscape of therapeutic services in a way that support the entire family.
  • Scheduling and billing support has been wonderful and allows me to focus on my son’s progress.
  • Everyone is so friendly. The facility is clean and organized and they have a crazy awesome gym for the kids to do their activities in.
  • They operate in a very collaborative atmosphere to come up with creative ways to treat children.
  • Love the infant classes! I’ve received a ton of helpful tools/tips to help my little guy reach milestones. The staff is incredibly friendly.
  • My daughter loves going there and always comes out smiling.
  • Great therapists that are always willing to answer any question. They make sure everyone is on the same page to provide the best care for your child.
  • So glad our family found them!
  • We feel like part of a wonderful family of such great therapists. All the staff at BDI have great hearts and compassion for each and every child. You can feel the love for your child when entering the facility.
  • If you’re looking for a family style therapy for your child this is the place to be.
  • We love BDI and will continue to recommend them to everyone we meet!
  • They are all so caring and give 100% of their time to help my daughter.
  • While we were incredibly happy to have our son ‘graduate,’ we were also so sad to say goodbye to our amazing physical therapist. She was dedicated, thorough, and caring; we are so grateful for this positive experience!
  • My daughter received the best services there and exceeded all goals!! Now she is a junior in college and setting goals we never imagined!!! I could not have asked for a more dedicated and caring staff to help my children. The BDI staff have become like part of our family. From the moment we walked into BDI I knew my daughter was in great hands!Thank you, BDI, we are forever grateful!
  • Everyone works with you to understand your child’s unique ability and how to maximize their potential. Flexible, kind and knowledgeable. You’ll wonder how you hadn’t heard of them sooner!
  • I cannot say enough about the entire staff. Qualified, caring, exceptional people. Everyone at the office has been so friendly! BDI is awesome! From the front desk being super helpful to each and every therapists my children have seen.
  • My once quiet, picky eater is now expressing himself at an advanced level and will try just about any food we put in front of him. Great communication from everyone and scheduling was a breeze! When we walk in, every therapist and receptionist greets him by name!
  • You will not find a place anywhere in the area that provides the level of care that we receive at BDI.

When our son was born I never imagined that some day we’d need the help of therapy to make his world better. He had little wrinkles or quirks that alone were no big deal but when you put them together they started to form a very intricate puzzle. We soon realized the we needed a little help figuring our little guy out Insert BDI here…We’ve been going to BDI now for about a year and a half and the progress Jack has made has been nothing short of amazing. We owe a huge part of this to all of the SUPER women that have come into our lives. The office staff are un like any other. They are patient, kind, caring women and I’m so grateful for them. Whether it be schedule changes, insurance questions, bill questions no matter the issue they are problem solvers! Sheri and Rebecca are our two therapists and I’m pretty sure Jack likes both of them more than me most of the time lol. You are both extraordinary and we are blessed to have you in our lives. Jack has learned that therapy isn’t easy but with hard work, positive attitude and a little belief in himself HE CAN DO ANYTHING!!! I never feel alone here, any battle Jack has, we all have and we work together to find out how to get through it. BDI is a family and My family is honored to be a part of it.

Janis, I’ve never actually met you in person but I just want you to know that this team that you have helped create is nothing short of miraculous! The family atmosphere is the best! There are no attitudes and no drama and being surrounded by people that want to work together to solve problems is just so unique and awesome! We drive over an hour to get to BDI and it’s not because we don’t have therapy places by us it’s because I want the best! You should be proud of yourself each and every day for how wonderful you’ve made BDI. Jack has a shirt that says “A little kindness can change everything” and you did just that. Because of your kindness and desire to make a place where things can be better for children in need BDI is here and our whole life has changed for the best! Thank you!

-Melissa Peters

We came across BDI 4 1/2 years ago, just as my son was aging out of Early Intervention. I had not had any exposure to pediatric therapy places and when I came across their website, I saw a review and realized that it might have been written by an aquantance of mine. Sure enough, it was and she had only the best things to say about the practice. Well, that was enough to get me to make an appointment. After meeting a therapist and those of two other practices, I knew that BDI was the place for us. The expertise of the staff was evident and I knew that my son was going to make great strides there. This has been one of the single best decisions that we have made for him.

After these 4 1/2 years, I have learned a lot of things about pediatric therapy in general and specifically BDI. There are lot of differences between adult pt or sports medicine and pediatrics. First of all, a practice can make really good money with adults because a therapist and their assistants can treat several patients at the same time. Pediatric therapists work one on one with a child. Adults are usually shorter term and kids often need therapy for years. This often means a lot of paperwork to insurance companies, schools, etc. to make sure that their patient’s needs are being met. A pediatric therapist may have 30 to 40 kids on their case load at a time. This means 30x the paperwork and phone calls. Not to mention the texts that they get from concerned parents at midnight.

Knowing all of this makes me even more impressed with BDI and all that they do. I have met so many therapists over the years and each and every one of them is committed to their patient’s success. They host and go to numerous conferences to learn as much as they can to help their patients. Just recently, they held a seminar about breathing and how it affects kid’s movement patterns. They came straight back to the clinic and began implementing what they learned. Another example is that once they moved into their new building, they built “cages.” These are metal spaces that allow kids to be attached by bungees to four corners. The therapist can adjust the height of the bungees to give the kids as little or as much help as they need. Essentially, it takes “away” some of their weight. This allows them to do a particular movement in good form that they cannot normally do for various reasons. In the cage, they can squat or jump the way it is meant to be done. Their body can experience the feeling of how their body is designed to move and it can actually help retrain their body and brain. The only problem with all that they do is that they could devote 3 hours a days to each kid and get so much out of it, but sadly, they have to get as much done as they can in an hour!

Every single therapist encourages my kids (I now have two kids there) and finds the things that uniquely motivate them. They have created a space that is dynamic and positive. My son has had such great success there. One of the best things that they have done for him is serial casting. BDI stepped out to develop a serial casting program at the clinic. This was a huge undertaking of training, planning and cost. So much so, that you normally only seen this done at hospitals. However, their commitment to do this, even at cost to them, shows how much they value the success of each patient. Due to serial casting and the therapy that surrounded it, my son regained his ability to stand flat footed and stay stable, something that he had not been able to do since the age of two. He can now run and casting has also prevented or at least delayed the need for surgery to address his needs.

Finally, none of this would be possible without the passionate leadership of Janis, the owner. As described above, I know that she is not in this for the money. She is fully committed to the special needs population in our area. She works tirelessly with insurance companies, vendors and families to ensure each patient gets the best care. She brings therapy dogs in to encourage the kids. She helps plan theme weeks for patients, provides classes for the community and regularly visits preschools and other events to educate families and local educators. She probably doesn’t even know that I have observed this about her, but us parents most certainly have.

I would recommend BDI (and often do) to any family that I meet that has special needs. You will not find a place anywhere in the area that provides the level of care that we receive at BDI.

-Beth Yun

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