Bike Riding Lessons

This could be the year! Is your child ready to ride?

Riding a bike is an important milestone for any child! It fosters a sense of pride, self assurance, and independence like no other skill and provides a thrill that every child should be able to experience. In addition, a child gets aerobic exercise, gains muscle control and coordination, improves balance and strength, and can interact socially with their peers and family.

BDI Playhouse Children’s Therapy offers an individual bike riding program that will asses a child’s skill level and help fill in the missing pieces. We provide individual 30 minute sessions with licensed physical and/or occupational therapists that include one on one instruction and family feedback. Many of our children who have some experience pedaling a bike can ride independently in just 3 sessions. Others require more instruction or additional sessions for strengthening, balance, and motor control to get them riding on the road. You provide the bike, helmet, and child and we provide the expertise.

**Please bring along a bicycle that is sized proportioned to your child. Child should be able to sit on the seat with feet comfortably placed on the ground. Make sure seat is lowered appropriately, training wheels are removed, and the tires are filled with air. Helmets are required. Cost: $90/ for (3) 30 minute sessions

Great Feedback from Great Families

The staff is highly knowledgeable and educated me on many things that I could do at home with her."

Interested in Bike Riding Lessons?

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