Infant Feeding

Infant Feeding

Infant feeding services support successful breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and early stages of solid feeding to prevent frustration or difficulties, and improve baby’s health.

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Lactation Support

Lactation Counseling and Feeding Specialists

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Lactation Education Classes

Learn how to set your family up for a successful breastfeeding experience!

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Lactation Consultation

Family Lactation Support
Breast & Bottle Consultation
We are a team of specially trained Speech Language Pathologists who implement oral motor training and certified lactation counseling to give our moms and their babies a dynamic approach to breastfeeding. 
Our services include:
  • breastfeeding and human lactation support
  • assessing the mother & baby unit
  • assess the latch, feeding process, positioning, behavior and oral motor skills of your infant
  • providing corrective interventions
  • counseling mothers + family about oral motor skills and lactation
  • Appropriate referrals to other professionals
  • understanding and applying knowledge of milk production including in special circumstances and other commonly encountered situations.

Virtual and Clinic consultations available.

More Than Milk Club

More Than Milk Club
More Than Milk Club

A group for newborn parents to get together to talk about all things newborns! The virtual meet-up is hosted by infant specialists and a lactation counselor at BDI. All caregivers welcome. 

This virtual meet-up is a safe space to talk about any and all questions + TOP TIPS that will allow you to conquer any speed bumps, road blocks, or detours you may experience with your baby from the comfort of your own home.

Buckle up and BYOM (Bring Your Own Milk).  Let’s hang out and chat about…

  1. Feeding Development – breast, bottle, pump, transition to table food, colic, reflux + more

  2. Physical Development – Tummy time, rolling, sitting, “containers” + more

  3. Sensory Development – Sleep, sights, sounds, swaddles, schedules + more

  4. Infant Massage + Baby Bond

Transition to Table Food

baby food
Transition to Table Food

Transition to table foods can be tricky.  Whether you are starting purees, baby led weaning, or a combination of the two, we are here to support you and your baby.  

  • Transition to table food
  • Learn to drink from straw & open cups
  • Learning to chew & swallow safely
  • Decrease gagging
  • Pacifier elimination
  • Navigate food intolerances, sensitivities & allergies