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Our infant feeding specialists will help new parents navigate the journey of feeding their baby, whether it’s finding baby’s best latch on the breast/bottle or difficult transitioning to table food.

Our specially trained therapists will help when baby:

  • Is not gaining weight or growing
  • Refuses to eat or drink
  • Difficulty transitioning to a bottle
  • Spits up or throws up a lot
  • Is causing pain to mom’s breasts
  • Cries or arches back when feeding
  • Has trouble coordinating breathing while eating or drinking
  • Demonstrates difficulty chewing
  • Coughs or gags during meals
  • Has a gurgle, breathy or hoarse voice during or after meals
  • Clicks while suckling from the breast or bottle

Great Feedback from Great Families

Attending the feeding clinic at BDI was a life changing experience. Having both a specialized speech/feeding therapist and occupational therapist working together to observe and assess my child was key in pinpointing the underlying issues we needed to address. The clinic resulted in a thorough assessment including any further evaluations needed covering a wide spectrum of possible problems and solutions. Per my experience at the clinic we’ve chosen BDI as our therapy home and we could not be happier with our child’s progress and overall experience. The feeding clinic changed my life, and I know the services my child is receiving at BDI are forever changing his.”

Getting Started With Infant Feeding

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