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FREE OT, PT, and Speech Developmental Screenings

Our free, 30 minute OT, PT, and Speech Therapy screens are an opportunity for parents to ask questions and get answers. If we don’t have the answers, we can offer direction and help you find the answers from reputable professionals that we trust.

What is a screen?

A screening offers an opportunity for parents to ask questions and get answers. If we don’t have the answers, we can offer direction and help you find the answers from reputable professionals that we trust.  The therapist also broadly and informally looks for age-appropriate skills while presenting some fun to engage in tasks. We will also ask about what the parent and/or teacher sees at school or home. 

Screenings are based primarily on observation and parent report. If needed, a therapist will make a recommendation for a more detailed full evaluation to objectively measure performance and set goals as needed.

If minimal delay or concern is noted, the therapist will offer ideas and suggestions. An invitation to return for a follow-up screen will also be extended, so we can ensure that the ideas helped and everything is back on track.


30 minutes

Why screen?

The sooner a caregiver identifies that a child needs support in any area of development, the sooner the child will be back on track.

When delays or difficulties are identified later, they can still be addressed but a prolonged challenge can cause frustration, decrease in self-esteem, or trouble with relationships.

Your child sees a pediatrician or doctor for well-baby checkups or annual physicals to guard his or her medical health.

A screening provides the same kind of reassurance but focuses on developmental skills and any daily challenges that may come up so they can be quickly and easily corrected.

Screening Location



In Clinic

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Screening Professionals

Pediatric Physical Therapy

PT screenings focus on:

  • Gross motor abilities 
    • Walking 
    • Mobility
    • Crawling
    • Balance
    • Leg and trunk strength
  • How children play and move

For more information about what our PTs focus on and their specialities visit our PT page here.

OT Screenings Focus On: 

  • Fine motor abilities
  • Upper body strength
  • Muscle tone
  • Visual tracking
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Sensory system
    • Self-regulation
    • Attention
    • Behavior skills 

For more information about what our OTs focus on and their specialities visit our OT page here.

Speech & Language Screenings Focus On:

  • Age-appropriate speech sounds
  • Pronunciation- Can your child be understood?
  • Understanding directions and communication from others
  • Use of language
  • Social Skills- both verbal and body language

For more information about what our SLPs focus on and their specialities visit our SLP page here.

Help Identify Challenges at Home or School with These Helpful Tools

Click HERE to see examples of questions that parents ask!

We want you to feel prepared and comfortable throughout your child’s screening. No question is off-limits, and our therapists are ready to answer ANY question you may have.  This is just a sampling of questions frequently asked at a Physical Therapy Screening!


Why does my child…

  • Have trouble falling/staying asleep?
  • Struggle to try new foods?
  • Want to only eat the same foods?
  • Struggle to self-soothe?
  • Get upset when they become messy?
  • Seem to be missing their milestones? 
  • Get upset on their tummy?
  • Only roll to one side?
  • Have a flat spot?
  • Look so unsteady when they walk?
  • Only play when laying down?
  • Request to be carried on short walks?
  • Not babbling/making many vocal sounds?
  • Fail to gesture?
  • Struggle to form simple words?


School Age

Why does my child…

  • Fall apart at the end of the school day?
  • Have trouble falling asleep?
  • Struggle with their handwriting skills?
  • Why does my child get so carsick?
  • Struggle to sit still at home and school?
  • Insist on wearing the same clothes everyday?
  • Overreact to loud/unexpected noises? 
  • Have potty accidents?
  • Have a hard time riding their bike without training wheels?
  • Get tired so quickly when playing?
  • Walk on their tiptoes?
  • Have trouble with stairs?
  • Walk with their feet turned in?
  • Frequently fall?
  • Have difficulty verbalizing what they want?
  • Have difficulty pronouncing certain sounds?
  • Struggle with reading and writing? 

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