School and Private Intervention

Two very different approaches working together for the best possible outcome!

School Intervention

  • Services are provided as warranted by the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and goals are based on Common Core standards and the district curriculum.
  • Communication with families most commonly occurs at scheduled intervals and through various platforms including IEP meetings, newsletters, parent/teacher conferences, etc.
  • Funded by the Department of Education
  • Services can be delivered one on one, in a group, in the classroom, through consultation, or through adaptation of curriculum.
  • Services are delivered in the academic setting and typically include peers and role models.
  • Frequency, duration, and goals are determined by the IEP team (including the parent).

Private Intervention

  • Private Intervention focuses on goals that are specific to the daily functioning and/or medical needs of the child. This can include skills that do not directly impact school or academic performance, such as picky eating, bike riding, toe walking, pain management, coping skills, sensory regulation, or self help skills for example
  • Family training is provided at each session to enhance generalization of skills into the home, community, and school. Parents are encouraged to attend sessions and participate and/or collaborate with their therapist at every session.
  • Funded by private insurance plans, grants, specialized government programs, or parents
  • Services are typically delivered one on one (one therapist/one child).
  • Services are typically delivered in a highly motivating setting that can be tailored to the child’s interests or abilities, and often includes specialized equipment.
  • Frequency, duration, and goals are determined by the therapist, parent, and physician.