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What is Gait Clinic?

BDI Playhouse Children’s Therapy is excited to offer a monthly gait clinic using a team based approach to optimize a child’s gait.

  • Designed for parents, therapists, and orthopedic specialists to discuss and determine appropriate orthotics based on each child’s needs.
  • Includes on site modification, video analysis and clinical assessment to aid in appropriate orthotic and/or shoe recommendations.
  • Follow up visits will occur based on orthotist and physical therapist guidance to monitor progress and adapt as needed.

Orthoses and/or shoe modifications can optimize gait mechanics by:

  • Equalizing leg lengths Improving foot arch support
  • Dynamically stretching tight muscles
  • Activating appropriate muscles
  • Enhancing energy conservation
  • Increasing mobility and range of motion

Who is Gait Clinic for?

  • Parents looking for input on your child’s orthotic intervention?
  • Therapists looking to confirm or collaborate with your orthoses recommendations?

Who runs gait clinic?

Physical Therapists and Orthotists at the Gait Clinic:

  • Offer experience in gait analysis and orthotic prescription
  • Have extensive education in proper pediatric gait mechanics, gait analysis, orthotic recommendations, and shoe modifications
  • Utilize the most current research based techniques

What do I need to bring to Gait Clinic?

  • Athletic shorts and a T-shirt
  • Shoes your child wears frequently
  • Current orthotics and/or shoe modifications
  • Insurance card
  • Your questions and ideas!

Interested in Our Monthly Gait Clinic?

Give us a call anytime at (708)478-1820 or sign up for a gait clinic session below.

Attend a Gait Clinic Session

Download a Gait Clinic Flyer for Families here

Download Information for Professionals referring to Gait Clinic Here

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