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Infant Massage
Ages: Newborn to Crawling

Infant massage is a great way to develop a lifelong bond between you and your baby. Join our class through the comfort of your own home or at the clinic! The goal of the classes are to empower parents through knowledge shared by therapists and provide parent support built. The first two classes will focus on massage stroked and reading baby’s cues. The second two classes will focus on sleep and your infants development of sensory, feeding and language skills.

The main benefits of infant massage include:

  • Improved development
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved mood
  • Stress relief

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$10 per session, 4 classes per session

More Than Milk Club

More Than Milk Club

A group for newborn parents to get together to talk about all things newborns! The virtual meet-up is hosted by infant specialists and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) at BDI. All caregivers welcome. 
This meet-up is a safe space to talk about any and all questions + TOP TIPS that will allow you to conquer any speed bumps, road blocks, or detours you may experience with your baby from the comfort of your own home.

Buckle up and BYOM (Bring Your Own Milk).  Let’s hang out and chat about…

  1. Feeding Development – breast, bottle, pump, transition to table food, colic, reflux + more

  2. Physical Development – Tummy time, rolling, sitting, “containers” + more

  3. Sensory Development – Sleep, sights, sounds, swaddles, schedules + more

  4. Infant Massage + Baby Bond

Parents and caregivers will leave ready to overcome the obstacles that commonly pop up in the path of first-year parenting.  

What do parents think of this class? 

“This class was a game-changer” 

“I finally feel like I am being heard instead of being dismissed by our ped”


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This meet-up will be held virtually via Zoom!

There is no charge to attend The More Than Milk Club.

Baby Sign
Ages: 6 months to 2 Years

The interactive baby sign class is designed to enhance communication and bonding with your child. Babies can usually learn to sign before they learn to talk…so why not start early?

Some of the benefits of sign are:

  • It reduces frustration
  • Enhances language and listening skills
  • Enriches relationships
  • Provides a window into your child’s world
  • Helps promote fine motor coordination
  • you and your child will be taught 9-12 new signs per class in a fun and playful environment

Each session will leave you with new ideas to implement in your own home!

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$10 per session, 4 classes per session

Talk and Groove
Ages: 1 to 3 Years

This movement and language group is designed to enhance development for the toddler and preschool aged child. Parents will learn practical strategies to help their child learn language naturally throughout the day. Examples of some techniques will include, but will not be limited to:

  • recognizing the child’s stage / style of communication while identifying motivators
  • presentation of routines to help with turn-taking and assist interactions
  • following the child’s lead for more confidence and to encourage communication
  • ways to add language to interactions by adjusting play and book reading tasks
  • ways to speak to the child for language understanding and use

Language will be facilitated while enhancing the child’s sensorimotor development by using therapeutic equipment, songs, games and crafts.

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$10 per session, 4 classes per session

Tumbling Tots
Ages: 18 Months to 3 Years

Your tot will flip for the chance to tumble! Tumbling tots provides a confidence-boosting opportunity designed for maximum fun while learning to tumble! Tumbling challenges a child’s coordination, balance, strength, gross motor and social skills while building a sensory system for a stronger body and mind.

Children will be introduced to progressive tumbling skills in a safe and motivating environment led by therapists trained to work with each child’s individual learning pace and tolerance.

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$10 per session, 4 classes per session

Lactation Education Classes
Learn How to Prepare your Family to
Support a Successful Breastfeeding Experience!

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$10 per session, 4 classes per session

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Great Feedback from Great Families

I took my daughter to BDI for their parent and child classes – Talk and Grove and Tumbling Tots. As a first time mom, I found these classes super informative! We learned so many things on teaching our child verbal, nonverbal communication, and small and large motor exercises that I would not have known otherwise. My daughter always had a blast there as well. And wow you cannot beat the price anywhere! The teachers are so knowledgeable, helpful and friendly! Highly recommended!”