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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for children improves motor skill development, strength, coordination, balance, and physical fitness for safety, independence, wellness, and fun.

Learn more about Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy for children improves skills for independent success in daily work such as play, self-care, socialization, sensory and emotional regulation, behavior, and schoolwork.

Learn more about Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy for children improves skills related to communicating and understanding messages for successful interactions. Feeding and oral motor skills can also be addressed.

Learn about Speech Therapy

Free Consultations

Free consultations can be a phone call or meeting with you and your child to measure skills and ask questions to ultimately to decide whether an evaluation is needed or not.

Learn more our free consultations

Aqua Therapy

Aquatic therapy improves children’s body awareness and motor skills in reduced gravity, allowing for the practice of skills that are more difficult to perform on land.

Learn more about Aquatic Therapy

Gait Clinic

Our gait clinic provides licensed specialists for assessment, consultation, video analysis, recommendations, and modifications to improve a child’s gait or manner of walking.

Learn more about our Gait Clinic

Feeding Clinic

Feeding therapy for children addresses difficulties with feeding skills and food acceptance to prevent multiple impacts of poor nutrition.

Learn More about our Feeding Intervention & Clinic

Serial Casting

Serial casting is the conservative process of expert positioning while applying a series of lightweight casts to improve the alignment, range, and mobility if needed.

Learn more about Serial Casting

Parent & Child Classes

Parent and child classes offer an opportunity to socialize while optimizing development through practice and direction from pediatric therapists.

Learn more about our Parent & Child Classes

Infant Feeding & Lactation Support

Infant feeding services support successful breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and early stages of solid feeding to prevent frustration or difficulties, and improve baby’s health.

Learn more about Infant Feeding and Lactation Support

Infant Massage

Our Infant Massage class teaches massage strokes while empowering parents with knowledge to read baby’s cues and optimize development.

Learn more about our Infant Massage class

Professional Workshops

We provide continuing education presentations for professionals who are invested in expanding their knowledge to support children.

Learn more about our Professional Workshops

Scoliosis Intervention

Scoliosis is a curve that forms in the spine that moves from side to side instead of maintaining a healthy straight path. The curve is 3D and includes rotation that can cause uncomfortable symptoms and poor posture.

Learn more about our Scoliosis Intervention

Posture Intervention

Posture Intervention can correct issues that are causing pain or reducing self-esteem related to appearance.

Learn more about Posture Intervention

Bike Riding

Is this your child’s year to ride? Participants in our bike riding program often ride independently in just 3 sessions.

Learn more about Bike Riding lessons

We Love Our Families

"My daughter has made incredible progress over the years, undoubtedly due to the hard work and dedication of her talented therapists."

- Brent H.

"Very welcoming environment. I had the free speech evaluation done for my 21 month old daughter. She loved playing and interacting with the therapist, didn't want to leave."

- Iris C.

"The therapists are fun and caring, and their services are forward-thinking and cutting edge. Very grateful for this incredible team"

- Katie & Kevin D.

Meet Our Team

We’ve been around for a while and are proud to have a collaborative, knowledgeable, low turnover team.

Learn more about each of our dedicated occupational, physical and speech therapists who work in Orland Park, IL and Naperville, IL below.

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