We provide therapy to support great parents and help children be the best they can be.

You have great questions. We want to listen.

We provide therapy to support great parents and help children be the best they can be.

You have great questions.
We want to listen.

Celebrating 20 years of serving families and children in our community!

Parents, Are You...

  • Searching for answers and getting conflicting information from websites and concerned family members or friends that want to help?

  • Worried that your child is experiencing more obstacles than expected and isn’t feeling successful more often?

  • Concerned that the challenges your child is facing might negatively impact self esteem?

With BDI, You Can...

Get answers you can trust, saving you time and frustration and allowing your child to make progress quickly!

Get the support you need from a team who listens because they know that you know your child best and they want to help.

Watch your child succeed because we choose “just right challenge” goals and strategies, so kids build on their strengths and feel good about trying hard!

Research-based Therapy Services

The best in collaborative, evidence-based interventions to help every child be the best they can be.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for children improves motor skill development, strength, coordination, balance, and physical fitness for safety, independence, wellness, and fun.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy for children improves skills for independent success in daily work such as play, self-care, socialization, sensory and emotional regulation, behavior, and schoolwork.

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Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy for children improves skills related to communicating and understanding messages for successful interactions. Feeding and oral motor skills can also be addressed.

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Aqua Therapy

Aquatic therapy improves children’s body awareness and motor skills in reduced gravity, allowing for the practice of skills that are more difficult to perform on land.

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Gait Clinic

Our gait clinic provides licensed specialists for assessment, consultation, video analysis, recommendations, and modifications to improve a child’s gait or manner of walking.

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Feeding Clinic

Feeding therapy for children addresses difficulties with feeding skills and food acceptance to prevent multiple impacts of poor nutrition.

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Serial Casting

Serial casting is the conservative process of expert positioning while applying a series of lightweight casts to improve the alignment, range, and mobility if needed.

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Parent & Child Classes

Parent and child classes offer an opportunity to socialize while optimizing development through practice and direction from pediatric therapists.

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Infant Feeding & Lactation Support

Infant feeding services support successful breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and early stages of solid feeding to prevent frustration or difficulties, and improve baby’s health.

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Infant Massage

Our Infant Massage class teaches massage strokes while empowering parents with knowledge to read baby’s cues and optimize development.

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Professional Workshops

We provide continuing education presentations for professionals who are invested in expanding their knowledge to support children.

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Free Consultations

Free consultations can be a phone call or meeting with you and your child to measure skills and ask questions to ultimately to decide whether an evaluation is needed or not.

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You know your child best

BDI Playhouse therapists are dedicated to only evaluating children who we really feel need our help.

If significant concerns are not found, our therapists will offer ideas and strategies you can try at home first.

Phone calls & consultations are entirely free.

When you choose BDI….

You will grow with us

Our core values are all about forward movement to grow and be better for you.

In fact, we have intentionally structured our company to allow time and resources for extensive continuing education and growth opportunities that move our therapists ahead of peers in their profession.

Your family becomes our family

That’s just a fact. We treat your child like one of our own.

We feel your frustrations and share in your celebrations; that inspires us to always bring our best.

"I Can’t" becomes "I Can"

We tell our kids “It’s not hard, it’s challenging!” and we live by those words too.

Every challenge that our kids face is ours to face with them, and our team’s 'can’t stop, won’t stop' attitude is contagious!

Take the first steps!

You know your child best. We want to listen to what you are thinking and answer your questions.

Phone calls, screenings & consultations are entirely free.

See what others have to say...

    review rating 5  We love BDI, and we love our daughter’s wonderful speech therapist Jess K. She is so knowledgeable and is also a great listener and is very intuitive. Jess is one of our daughter’s favorite people and she runs to therapy each session smiling and singing her name. We have been seeing Jess for over 1.5 years. Jess comes up with creative ways to elicit the speech sounds we need to work on, she provides easy homework and at home ideas to practice at home and really cares about knowing our whole family, not just our daughter. We have built a great working relationship and I am so grateful to have her working with us! The gym and facility at BDI is wonderful. I love that our daughter can play and wiggle and be active while she does her speech - it is motivating and fun. It also gives her the chance to be social and work on speaking to other kids. All the staff, particularly Sherry, Ruby and Sue are helpful and compassionate which is important when dealing with tricky matters in insurance and billing. Thanks to everyone at BDI for being caring and bringing your best effort each time to come.

    thumb Gracia Livie

    review rating 5  We have a child who has received services at BDI Playhouse (speech, OT and PT) for about a year and a half now. I would highly recommend BDI playhouse to other families. First of all, we have absolutely LOVED each of the therapists we have worked with. They clearly care about our child’s progress and are always willing to answer my questions and provide ideas or suggestions as needed. I also appreciate that they will communicate amongst themselves to discuss my son’s goals and to make sure we’re looking at the big picture. He has made tremendous progress during his time at BDI. They are also excellent at helping me navigate other options to explore. One of BDI’s biggest strengths is that their office staff is as wonderful as their therapists. We recently went through a frustrating insurance issue where we needed to obtain approval for additional PT sessions. Insurance was (surprise surprise) slow to address the matter but the wonderful team at BDI did a ton of work on their end to get the approval for additional sessions. They even held my son’s spot for weeks and weeks to ensure that he could be seen again as soon as the matter was resolved. I really appreciate how they helped me navigate this problem. I also want to touch on the fact that BDI offers some unique services. They do bike riding lessons, offer some aquatic therapy, feeding therapy, and they have several classes you can sign your child up for to help further their progress. They also offer a monthly gait clinic and will help you obtain orthotics as needed. Finally, their new facility is awesome, super clean and has a nice large waiting room. We have several options for therapy that our closer to us, but we are happy to be working with BDI!

    thumb Samia Bono

    review rating 5  My experience with BDI in both the Aurora and Orland location has been incredible. I am a Chicago area Orthotist specializing in pediatrics. I work with many out patient facilities and BDI is always my top recommendation to families looking for services. The therapists are hand chosen for their specific skills, and they are continuously building on their knowledge and equipment. BDI offers children and their families so much, it is truly the full package. Things like aqua therapy, serial casting, and gait clinic are not available at most pediatric facilities. I am speaking not only as a medical professional who works with the therapists and office staff at BDI, but also as a mother who has had their child treated there. From insurance authorization help to complete satisfaction on therapeutic treatment of my child. Thank you BDI for all that you do!

    thumb Gwen Ansier