COVID-19 Precautions Plan

There is no higher priority for us than the health and safety of our patients, staff and their families.

Plan Update 3/24

March 24 Update:
Hello! I wanted to share some great news! 
We are continuing to get positive...although varied... responses from multiple insurances regarding coverage. MANY policies have even offered to waive copays, reduce deductibles, and make allowances for visits to NOT apply to the count for those with visit limits. Our office is working hard to reach policy administrators to verify coverage and discover the details of benefits for each plan. We are also working hard to identify the specifics of how each of those insurers wants the claim to look on the billing form (each company has different coding requirements). 
We feel confident that we can get claims paid, even if they are initially denied (due to coding preferences etc) and we need to appeal. 

To provide you with some reassurance during this time when we want your last worry to be your child's care, BDI is offering to waive any denied Telehealth visit provided before April 4th.

We would love and would appreciate your help verifying the details of your coverage if you haven't already provided them. We do realize that some funding sources have been difficult to reach, so just let us know if you need assistance. Although the Governor has mandated this coverage, if you have a plan that is self-funded or managed by a third party, your company may need to "opt-in" in order to allow for Telehealth. This is why it is important to go through the verification process so ensure those steps have been taken, but we are here to help if you hit any obstacles...just ask!
Another quick reminder to reach us at office@bdiplayhouse.com or leave a voicemail (with a good time to call you back) at 708-478-1820. Email and voicemails will be monitored without interruption and you can expect quick responses! 
If you have not heard from your therapist yet to talk about scheduling your Telehealth visit, remember that they are calling from their phone at home, so it may not be a number you recognize. Just send us an email if you haven't been contacted and we will assist!
One last thought, we still hope to open the clinics again ASAP, but we want you to know that Telehealth approvals are typically being extended through the end of April and even May, so taking these steps to get approval should allow you options for treatment even beyond the stay at home order time period.
Thank you again for your support and dedication!
Janis Bautz, President 
BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy

Plan Update 3/22

Hello Parents! I am sending out this video message to you today to personally THANK YOU and explain our next steps in this crazy journey we are now on! Thanks in advance for taking the time to watch it and stay informed!


Also, just a quick reminder to reach us at office@bdiplayhouse.com or leave a voicemail with a good time to call you back at 708-478-1820. Email and voicemails will be monitored without interruption and you can expect quick responses! We are still here for you!!

Janis Bautz, President 
BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy

Plan Update 3/20


We received the most exciting news yesterday!

Per the executive order (at this link above) signed by Governor Pritzker late yesterday, all private insurances in the State of Illinois must support Telehealth (therapy via live video chat) coverage for Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy, regardless of whether the policy regularly covers telehealth services. This information may not have been properly communicated yet to insurance representatives who might be answering the phone today, but I hope by Monday they would all be informed and will respond appropriately to any attempts to verify coverage. If the service was covered prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, there is absolutely no reason for the service to be denied due to delivery via telehealth.

Our entire team has been working SO HARD this week to prepare for this amazing service delivery model. We'll admit that we were initially a little bit unsure about how this would look....but after giving it a try this week with over a hundred kids...we are 110% in LOVE with it and REALLY excited about this temporary opportunity that has been given to us to help kids carry skills over from clinic to home. We are going to be able to further empower our parents and identify more ways to help you and your child at home. More importantly, we are relieved that we can be there for you during this uncertain time when you may need our support. The kids are LOVING it too! They have been so proud to show us their toys and to find new ways to use them. Parents are also finding it very easy to use things they already have in their home and they are enjoying this expanded educational opportunity to learn more about the purpose of some of the activities we do. They have also found it nice to converse with the therapist without chasing their child around the waiting room :) We believe that some really great things can come out of this, and we are ready to link arms with you (figuratively of course) and keep moving forward!

Due to the recent stay at home order, our clinics will be closed effective March 21st at 2pm through April 7th (if the order has been lifted at that time). We will only be able to provide very limited services that require face to face delivery that the therapist has determined should not be delayed based on a risk/benefit analysis. Your therapist will discuss this option if they have determined this is necessary.

Your therapist will be reaching out to you soon, if they have not already, to find a time to continue your services via teletherapy. In the meantime, feel free to contact us via office@bdiplayhouse.com or at 708-478-1820. Most scheduling will occur directly with your therapist during this time, but our office will be available to support you with insurance questions and other needs. We will have multiple office team members monitoring the voicemail and email for the quick responses you are accustomed to.

We look forward to this opportunity to continue to serve your families during this challenging period of time for our country and we are truly grateful that we will be able to lift your spirits as we know your child's smiles will lift ours.


Janis Bautz, President
BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy

Plan Update 3/18: Potentially GREAT news!

March 18 Update: 
We have some potentially VERY great news, and don't we all need that right now? 
We have received confirmation that telehealth (online therapy via your computer or phone) is being covered for pediatric therapy by some insurance plans!  
We need your help, so please read all of this information carefully!!
There are many pediatric therapy clinics closing and we are working VERY hard to not be one of them because we know your child NEEDS services, now more than ever when schools and other resources are not available. We have always considered parents part of our team at BDI, so I am calling you up to the plate at this moment and asking you to advocate for your child. We need you to call your insurance and verify that telehealth will be covered during this time. Why do you need to call?  Because you are the customer of the insurance company and they will listen to you far more closely than they will listen to us. Also, we will need your documentation of that call to help claims get paid. To be clear, if we are ordered to close or if families are ordered to stay home, telehealth may be the only option for services to continue until this is over, so we need EVERY parent to make this call ASAP so we can be prepared to make this jump to telehealth for your child if needed.
If the representative tells you that telehealth is not covered (under normal circumstances it would not be, so it will be easy for the representative to look at your policy, say no it isn't covered, and move on to the next caller)... Do not take no for an answer!  Ask to speak to someone who has the ability to authorize an exception based on the fact that...
A- Your child's services have been confirmed by your insurance company that they are medically necessary and since the CDC is advising social distancing or even quarantine (if that is true for your family based on your child's circumstances or based on one of your family member's circumstances) your child will need to receive those services from home via "Synchronous video conferencing" (which is the insurance's term for a live video call). 
B- Your provider is ready to provide this with a HIPAA compliant platform (it will protect your privacy).
C- Your child will likely regress if services are not provided and will need MORE services when this is over if they don't approve this now.
D- We will bill with the same codes we would typically bill with (the representative can look up a past claim if you aren't sure what we use), but a "GT modifier" would be attached to the line of service and a "02 place of service code" will be used. The representative should know what this means, but these are the details on the claim that indicate that your child received the services from home via "Synchronous video conferencing." 
Please be sure to write down:
1-Name of person you spoke with
2-Date and time of the call
3-Reference number for the call if they have one they can give you
4-Details of their response
Then, to help us manage the volume of this information coming into the office and make it easy to save to your child's chart for future reference, please EMAIL that information to office@bdiplayhouse.com. If covered, we will be contacting you asap to confirm the plan. 
In the meantime....we are OPEN today and our therapists are doing an outstanding job separating our kids...and parents are LOVING the ease of dropping their children off in the parking lot (especially with other siblings at home to tend to). So come on in if you can! Email us to let us know what car to watch for if you want to utilize that option. It's not too late if you want to reschedule this week. We would LOVE to see your child!
Thank you SO much for being part of our BDI family.  Go team!!
Oh...and check out our telehealth online therapy web page for a little sneak peak at how fun this could be! 
Janis Bautz, President 
BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy

Plan Update 3/15

We are very happy to share that we have been able to continue to provide treatment throughout the weekend to the large majority of our patients! We have great appreciation for our families and our staff for being flexible and creative to come up with excellent options that will create even safer options to offer in the coming week. 
Schools closing this week has provided us with increased options for scheduling as a result of most children having wider availability at this time. Our therapists have graciously offered to spread their schedules out over seven days of weekly service. This will allow us to keep the total number of children in the building down, which will allow us increased opportunities to distance children and/or treat in separated treatment rooms if requested. 
As a result, if you normally receive service during a high traffic time, we might reach out to you to check your availability to attend on a different day or time and we thank you in advance for your flexibility and willingness to consider another time. Our office will do their best to offer a day/time with your child's regularly treating therapist. If your therapist is not available at a time that is convenient for you, please know that they will collaborate regarding important treatment information and methods to ensure that equally great services are offered to your child.  
In order to expedite the scheduling process for you and our team, we ask that you respond promptly to text messages or emails received from our office regarding scheduling. Please be sure that we have the best email and cell phone number to reach you. 
We are continuing to prevent entry of all individuals with fever or cough (this includes therapists, office staff, patients, and family members). We are also continuing increased sanitizing practices and mandatory handwashing upon entry to the building. 
Just a reminder that requests for pick up/drop off at your car, changes to email or cell phone information, or other questions will receive the quickest response if directed to office@bdiplayhouse.com as we have multiple team members working correspondence received to this address. 
We will continue to provide updates and announcements to you via email and on our website. Thank you again for working with us to deliver services during this time. We are very dedicated to ensuring that our kids can continue to progress, especially while they are home and not receiving services from schools.
Janis Bautz, President 
BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy

Plan Update 3/12

In my previous message, I promised that we would take any and all steps to ensure it is safe to attend therapy at BDI Playhouse.  In keeping with that promise, I am updating you with some new steps that we are planning to take. I'm happy to say that most of our families have made the decision to continue services. We hope that trend continues so our kiddos can keep up their great progress!
Newly added precaution plan steps:
  1. All parent/child groups will be canceled to reduce traffic through our building.
  2. Parents are welcome to send an email to office@bdiplayhouse.com if they want to take advantage of a drop off plan. If a drop off plan is in place, our therapist will be waiting at the front door at the appointment time, and will walk your child into the building for you. This reduces your personal exposure to our waiting room and contributes to our mission to keep traffic down in the building. Let us know if you will meet us at the front door or if you would like us to meet your child at the car and if so, what color and model car you will be driving. Pick up in the parking lot will be at 53 minutes after the hour (9AM patient pick up will be at 9:53AM). When reserving a drop off via email, please include the cell phone number that you will have with you so we can make sure we have the most up to date information in our records.
  3. Many of our therapists have been kind enough to flex their scheduled hours to open up additional availability during times when we have very few children being treated at the clinic. This will allow us, in many cases, to reserve a therapy room specifically for your child, to prevent close contact with other children receiving services if desired. Rooms and equipment will be sanitized before/after each session.
  4. We have temporarily removed toys from our waiting rooms and ask that any parent who waits with a sibling bring something for their entertainment that can be easily monitored without attracting other children who might want to share toys.
We will continue to update and add to our plan as more information or opportunities to protect our community through prevention arise.  We appreciate your dedication to your child's therapy!
Janis Bautz, President 
BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy

Initial Statement 3/11

Though according to the CDC, the risk for most (especially young children) is low and "relatively uncommon." BDI is taking additional precautions in response to the concerns regarding the potential spread of the COVID-19 commonly known as Coronavirus.
You can feel confident that we intend to take any and all steps to ensure it is safe to attend therapy at BDI Playhouse.
In order to limit the spread of germs you will see:
  • Our staff completing additional scheduled cleaning procedures throughout the day
  • Our staff washing their hands before/after working with each patient 
  • Our staff frequently wipes surfaces and materials before, during and after therapy.
  • Our staff attempting, whenever possible, to space out patients within the building 
  • Signs requesting that any person who has symptoms NOT enter the building
  • Our staff communicating with any person who has symptoms to request that they exit the building promptly.
What can you do to help:
  • If you or your child has a fever or is showing signs of an upper respiratory infection, such as cough or difficulty breathing, please stay home, call to reschedule your appointment and contact your primary care physician or pediatrician.
  • If you have recently traveled, visit the CDC website for the most up to date information regarding country-specific travel advice. We ask that you reschedule your appointment if you have visited a high-risk area, as a self-quarantine period may be recommended. 
  • Avoid touching your face, particularly around the eyes, nose, and mouth. If you must touch your face, wash your hands before and after.
  • Please review the CDC's handwashing guidelines. Arrive just a few minutes early to allow time to wash your hands and supervise your child's handwashing. 
  • As is always recommended, please leave siblings exhibiting any signs of illness at home.
We want to emphasize that there is no cause for concern but we hope that you will find comfort in knowing that BDI is taking precautions above and beyond those recommended by the CDC at this time. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and effort to join us in taking these precautionary steps to guard the health and safety of your child! 
If you have any additional questions concerning your appointment, please feel free to contact our offices at 708-478-1820. Questions regarding this notice can be directed to the email below.
Janis Bautz, President 
BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy

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